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One year ago today we rushed to the rescue of an abused pregnant pig. We brought her to sanctuary just in time, because hours later she gave birth to 16 piglets. Julia has been an amazing mother and we delighted in her healing and transformation from the loving care she received. It also fills our hearts that her children are one year old today because in the industry, they would have been sent to slaughter at just six months old.

- Farm Sanctuary

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I love cows ~


I love cows ~

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"Aren’t the wise ones, those who never do anything foolish, even more foolish in my eyes than I am in theirs?

Vincent Van GoghExpressionist

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The first time Vincent was in hospital was after he had cut off his ear. When he was in the hospital,sometimes he was very calm, so the doctors decided to send him home. In March 1888 inhabitants in Arles signes a petition for sending Vincent back to the hospital. He told his brother Theo he wanted to be hospitalized in an asylum and he decided to do that. He was hospitalized in Saint – Remy – de - Provence. They diagnosed him epilepsy and he tried to commit suicide several times. After a crisis, he decided to leave the asylum in May,1890. In July he shot himself in the chest and he admitted he wanted to commit suicide. After his death almost 150 psychiatrists tried to understand what affected Vincent and they diagnosed him more than 30 different disease. Among the others, there were schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolarity and pox. His disease probably got worse also because of poor nutrition, too much work and alcohol. 

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Pilgrimage to the Island of Cythera by Jean-Antoine Watteau, 1717

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